Would definitely purchase from Crandall again. Looking for one chair or many, Crandall is the place to go. I ordered a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chair for my home office. Ultimate adjustability for a custom sitting experience. The delivery time was relatively quick. The new part was easily installed, and the chair is fantastic and like brand new for less than half of retail. So my chair when received admittedly didn't work correctly - it wouldn't go up and down. They reupholstered a Leap Chair I had. Some of the manufacturers we get in on a regular basis are Hon, Steelcase… Price was amazing. . With the recent events requiring our engineers, designers, project managers, etc. For the money spent, not sure I would go down the same path again. I realize most people wouldn’t care or notice, but dust is one of the things I’m allergic to so it was a big deal for me. Took a short while before shipping, but it's a pandemic, that's just life now. After some time, working with it, it finally came loose and could move up and down. I'm very happy with my new office chair purchased from Crandall. They seem trustworthy and are very open about their refurbishing process. It did have a small scuff on one of the adjustment knobs, but otherwise it was in great condition. More companies should implement corporate social responsibility. Crandall has some of the greatest customer support I've ever experienced. I would highly recommend this company and the products. Everything appears to be in great working order, and shipping/delivery was extremely fast. Met all my expectations and more. It's a very comfortable highly adjustable chair at a great price. My only complaint with the Crandall Office chair is they do not offer the leather material (they may be vegans though so I cannot pass judgement) on the seating. Can't go wrong with Crandall! OUTSTANDING! Remanufactured Leap v. 2 chairs, with a stunning array of fabric choices. Top notch organization living their values. Height adjustment on your chair not working? This will now be my go-to for chairs. very happy with my chair. 10/10 Absolutely love my new-to-me Steelcase Gesture chair! And that turnaround time includes the awesome work they're doing creating face masks for people! Friendly service, quick shipping and products in excellent condition. However, I think my refurbished Steelcase Amia is more cushioned and solid in it's construction than the new Series 1. I was looking for local sources in San Jose, but, found Crandall during my online search; the chair was refurbished as well as very competitive prices. Turn around time was short, and packaged with care. They might be more expensive but not by much. I didn't actually order from them (we ended up not needing the part), but their customer service is top notch and if we do need parts we will be ordering from them. Great chair (Steelcase Leap V2)! Highly recommend! ); I haven’t even set it up and I’m returning. Highly recommend buying from them. You can go on their website and get to know the owners and staff. Order with confidence! 5 stars plus. After just a few hours in the new chair, my back and knees were far happier!Then I let my wife use the chair for a day. Our Steelcase V2 Leap Replacement Gas Cylinder allows you to fix your broken Steelcase V2 Leap Chair height adjustment mechanism quickly and easily yourself.When the gas cylinder in an office chair stops working properly, the chair’s height adjustment is limited or no longer works — most people believe their chair is permanently broken. Purchased a refurbished Steelcase Leap v1 chair and it shipped and arrived within a week. I ordered a new set of armrest pads for my Steelcase chair. I followed along and was sitting pretty in no time.This is a company you can trust. Affordable remanufactured high-end chairs and good customer service, fast shipping. Shipping was fast, the chair came well packed and looked brand new. Although, Crandall indicates that they increased the seat cushion thickness I found that my "backside" did not fare well after as little over an hour. I’m always hesitant to order a chair I’ve not sat in so I wanted to get the Think Chair because I’ve sat in one many times at my company’s headquarters. I can easily recommend them. Purchased a Steelcase Leap V1 Highback on Oct. 27 and received it on Nov 3. They also shipped this to me very quickly which I really appreciated. Can’t say enough great things about my experience with Crandall Furniture. Despite being remanufactured, it could probably pass as a brand new chair (all for about half the price of a brand new one!) Communication with David was excellent. I used the new chair for a couple of weeks and noticed that there was a grinding/chattering feeling when rotating the backrest back and forth. I love the multiple arm rest positions. At every step of the process things ran smoothly and Crandall delivered on every promise made. I emailed David Crandall and he contacted me right away. The chair is beautiful, comfortable and encourages better posture! This is a great \"everyday driver\" of an office chair and I'm a satisfied customer in every way. Super fast shipping, great how-to video. However, their customer service hasn't been pleasant to deal with. Especially when you realize that the chair has been rebuilt with many new parts. Dropping 500 dollars on a chair does indeed seem like a lot at first, but keep in mind it is an investment in your long term back and neck health, especially if you’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable future like I am. It was here quicker than I expected. Review: Steelcase Leap V2 from Crandall Office Furniture. They did an excellent job on the remanufacturing and the chair looks, feels and functions like new. Came the same day my company told me I’d be permanently working from home, so it’s going to get lots of use. I've always been a fan of the Steelcase Leap, but couldn't afford a new one, and couldn't get it delivered to me in Hawaii even if I could afford it. I only bought some chair parts this time. I received the Aeron chair in great condition, with very easy set up. After briefly trying to make anything right, they accepted the return and all of my money was returned.It's hard to find a small business with policies this good, never mind such a good product. Very happy with my remanufactured SteelCase Leap chair. This is a great chair with an even better than new extra padded seat. I wasn't sure my back and hips were going to support another month of work from home without a good chair. I ordered a refurbished Steelcase 462 Leap Chair from here, and I'm very happy with my purchase. Crandall was quick and upfront about their potential shipping delays. Save yourself $300 over a new one and buy this refurbished model from Crandall. Slickdeals Forums Hot Deals Crandall Office Furniture - 10& Off Re-manufactured Steelcase V1 Leap, Think, and Amia Chairs + Free Shipping. I'd recommend them to anyone. The directions were pretty clear and they even provided a youtube video with step by step instructions to assist. We ended up ordering 2 of the same one. The Leap V2 is tested and built to last. refurbished in excellent condition. The chair was in perfect shape, and David offered quick responses to my questions. I was impressed with the quality and warranty of the chairs being reviewed and decided to purchase a Steelcase Leap V. 2. ), and they’re super comfortable! But it was expected since it is remanufactured. )Well homegirl here can’t afford to drop $1200-$2000 on a new chair. I sit in my new Leap V2 chair for a minimum of 8 hours a day and am in love. We originally purchased a number of chairs from Crandall back in 2015 for a new office space that we had. I had an Aeron chair at work for over 25 years. Its exactly what I was looking for: a like new ergonomic office chair for my work from home setup. The company is also helping their local community by offering masks, which is a big plus in my books. I spend hours at my desk and the steelcase gesture chair from Crandall's was a great purchase -- very well-made, mega adjustable, comfortable, and supports my back and neck. Great product and customer service! I ordered a remanufactured Steelcase Leap V2 from this company and received the chair about a week prior to posting this. Definitely the place to go! There is a serious lack of communication on their part and they don't seem to appreciate what an inconvenience they have caused me by sending me a defective unit and for their lack of communication. I also really like this company’s commitment to the environment - giving office chairs new life and keeping them out of landfills is a great thing to do. It arrived a few days earlier than estimated. Ordering was simple and they were easily accessible to answer my questions prior to ordering. I ordered a Steelcase Leap refurbed with a fancy, mesh backing. If I could do anything differently, I wish that they offered a dark blue fabric choice, but black is great and works just fine. Refurbished office chair appears new and very professional packing. I can say, it was not what some of the other discount refurb chair folks are doing, at least based on reviews. Instructions (written & videos) were clear, went together quickly. Wonderful chair! When I had a question, they got back to me within the same day. Hi all! Steelcase Leap V2 462 review:I am a 5'9" 200lb I.T. Hope this helps. Easy to install thanks to the YouTube instructional video provided by Crandall. Great products and great customer service. First Unread. It was well done and I put my unit together in about 15 minutes. Excellent quality chair. The only thing required was to attach the back to the seat. The width fits only asmaller person without digging into your hips. Some prefer the Aeron, some prefer the Leap. Amazing service! Easy enough to put together, no tools required. Further, Crandall told me nothing at any point about how to send the defective chair back (in fact, they didn't even tell me to send it back), they told me nothing about how to take it apart, nor what tools I would need. Will easily recommend to others.Only one small thing when ordering the product. I also got the roller blade casters for a little extra height. Have purchased both a chair and desk from Crandall's. I will definitely be a returning customer. WELL DONE! All that for a fraction of the price of a new chair. Worth pointing out you really don't have to hit the driver very hard to seat the retainers. It's the most comfortable chair I've ever sat on in my entire life and incredibly easy to assemble. Again, all I got was a email from UPS saying that a return was processed which I read to mean Crandall had arranged for the defective unit to be picked up (turns out, this was not so). A More Productive Office. Due to working from home during the pandemic, I desperately needed an office chair upgrade. My family was in the furniture business, so I am picky about whom I buy from and the service. If you chat on their website she will probably be the one chatting you are with. Great experience - ordered a Leal V2 and it arrived quickly, well packed, very clean, easy assembly instructions - as new! The purpose of waiting was to determine if there was going to be any issues with the chair over a decent amount of use. I received chair that from any point of view looked new. Remanufactured chair looks and feels new!!! 3 uses today. I actually was talking to David, the owner and he entertained my countless questions to the point where I knew exactly what chair I wanted and why. Videos helped with trouble-free assembly. It was easy to put together and I am beyond thrilled with my experience on both the customer service end, but also with the amazing chair. After quite a bit of research it came down to the Steelchase Gesture and the Herman Miller Aeron. Crandall is having a discount on … I had been looking at Steelcase chairs, but couldn't justify the price. And customer service is excellent. Much quieter on a hard surface. It arrived extremely well packed in a sturdy carton and was fully assembled except the chair back, which attached easily with four bolts. I highly recommend Crandall. If you’re loo… Assembly and shipping was quicker than estimated even though we're in the midst of the COVID19 outbreak that's affecting timelines at so many business.The product lives up the billing, it's in excellent shape to the point that it would be difficult to tell that any parts had a previous life before the remanufacturing. Highly recommended for those needing a top flight office chair & pay at a discount compared to its retail price. I was a bit disappointed and planning to just return it to them and go elsewhere, but the very next morning David got back to me and offered to personally choose and send out another chair that same day with a return shipping label for the old chair. This is by far the most comfortable I've ever been in a chair. I used their messenger service since it was before opening hours and got a response immediately! It currently only took 2 business weeks to get it from order to door. I’ve been eyeing nice used office chairs (Herman Miller, Steelcase, Humanscale, Autonomous) in my area and approx asking price is around $400. I purchased the heavy duty gas cylinder and 75mm hard surface wheels. With the included 12 year warranty, it's an easy decision to pay 50% of retail and get a remanufactured chair from Crandall.On top of the great product, customer service has been fantastic. There was an issue with the fabric bunching at the bottom of the back cushion, which is a major issue even at their lower price point, but I was able to Chat with someone on their website who immediately sent a replacement cushion. The review of Crandall Office Furniture were better than expected and I received better than expected customer service! The chair shipped quickly and arrived fast than I expected. Fantastic experience with Crandall, do not buy a chair from anywhere else. Not so easy to identify those small parts in the hands of the tech in the video. Came looking pretty much brand new, and is extremely comfortable and adjustable to fit my 6'7" frame. Great chair -- great experience. Ordered a remanufactured Steelcase 462 Leap V2 chair from them to have a more comfortable chair for my home office. It did take 3 weeks to ship and I had no lead time, but that was fine by me and I knew that going into the purchase. Great customer service, fantastic chair! Truly outstanding! Crandall Office Furniture is the real deal. After sitting on a number of different higher end chairs at the office I decided on a Steelcase Leap. I was looking for Armpads for my Steelcase chair, old model, sent some pictures to Crandall, they suggested the part, bought it and it works perfectly, I was very pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and quick service, if necessary, I will do business with them again.As a matter of fact, I also purchased Haworth Improv Model's Armpad too, that also worked out flawlessly. The chair arrived 2 weeks earlier than the original estimate, and was easy to put together by myself. Good deal on the part I needed and good customer service. To date, I am extremely satisfied and appreciative of my service via Crandall. The packaging was done well and all the parts were in excellent condition. Once I was able to find an actual picture on officechairatwork.com it took only a second to ensure it was aligned correctly. I was willing to upgrade as I got a great price (open box item) on the chair anyway. Sale • … Thanks! The ordering process was really pleasant and it took 1 week to receive my chair. I would have ordered a Steelecase Leap v2 chair long ago.I found out on March 30 that I would be working from home until at least April 30. Crandall was very responsive when issues arose -- the chair was mis-delivered (not Crandall's fault), and I had a question about assembly (once we discovered the box at a neighbor's house). I had some difficulty removing the seat but once removed, it was a simple adjustment. Changes in posture help you stay comfortable and more attentive. My order shipped extremely quickly and arrived in a single day after shipping. OFFICE FURNITURE 10 WILKINSON RD UNIT # 5 BRAMPTON, ONT TEL: 905-453-2220 We carry clearing out Steelcase Leap V2 chairs in excellent condition They are grey for $450.00 each All chairs comes with One year limited Warranty Email: avedianvarand@gmail.com Call or text or Email Varand @ 416-806-8250 we deliver ( extra charge ) Favourite. It wasn't much more than a less functional chair from Wayfair or those other side. I did not purchase any upgrades. 0. The chair is in great condition, I would not have known it wasn't brand new. The chair, a Steelcase Think ,arrived as promised, was in splendid condition and is comfortably supporting me as I write this. You know what you are getting with them. Good price on the part I needed and good customer service. The fabric is soft and comfortable. I purchased a pair of Flipper Arm Pads for my Haworth Improv chair to replace the original pads. When I retired, I really missed the comfort. The second one arrived with assembly instructions, so that bit of process must have been fixed in the intervening week or two between orders.Both chairs are refurbished, but arrived in excellent shape. 10/10 customer service from the very Dave Crandall. Bought this for my husband and he said it gives great back support and no more back pain. Works great, and I love the roller blade wheels! The pads are cushioned and attractive. I came across Crandall and saw the Gesture for a reasonable price (and free shipping) and more importantly a 12 year warranty. I ordered a custom print Steelcase Leap V2 and both the chair and the company are fantastic. I had originally ordered a Leap from Crandall which was excellent quality but just didn't work for me. Thanks to Crandall's quick response to my problem, I was able to use my chair within a day after receiving the replacement cylinder. Crandall Office Furniture knows how to do business and makes sure their customers are taken care of. 7. Very happy with our Steelcase Amia chair. Crandall is the only company I have seen do this finally.Honestly I wish every company could be more like Crandall. Thank you Crandall Office Furniture, Inc. Exceptionally great service, awesome prices, and quick shipping. Easy to order, fast service, great product for half the price of new. Customer support is stellar. All for $10 of parts. Shipping was fast and well packaged. And I’m living for my purple fabric!Thanks for an awesome chair, Crandall!10/10 stars ⭐️. Her chair. The fabric is beautiful and of a great quality.Thank you so much, Crandall Folks! There was a minor issue with the replacement in that the chair height would slowly lower over time by about 1/2" per day. Bought replacement gas cylinder for one of my Steelcase Think chairs. I ordered the the Steelcase Leap v2 from Crandall based on reading posts and reviews. I am extremely impressed and pleased. Why do companies never include QR codes and videos now days? Its only drawback is that it suffers from the Steelcase Squeak. It definitely adds to the comfort. Recommend the extra padding upgrade in the seat. Totally impressed by these guys. But they seemed to have the most comprehensive processor for remanufacturing chairs, along with excellent reviews. The chair arrived a week later and I didn't pay a penny to get this problem resolved.I wish all businesses had customer service like this! You can't go wrong when dealing with them, highly recommended! It's worth noting again that this is the time Dave himself proposed.If this is the way this company conducts business, I would recommend staying as far away as possible. I'll definitely do business with them again! It came packaged well and the directions were easy to put together. Fast shipping. Crandall Office Furniture - 10& Off Re-manufactured Steelcase V1 Leap, Think, and Amia Chairs + Free Shipping + 1 Deal Score. I had an issue with assembly but I contacted the office by phone and had the issue resolved that same day. Fabric color was nice, and add-on options were great. Great products! Great company, highly recommend. I got a V2 refurb from Crandall's for around $500 with new arms, feet, piston and re-upholstered. The chair looks nearly new. David is great customer service, top notch! Like others, I was initially reluctant to buy a high end refurbished chair for personal use. Good aftermarket gas cylinders for our Steelcase office chairs at a competitive price. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. OfficeFurnitureCenter.com is now completely sold out of our pre-owned Steelcase Leap V2 task chairs sku ST619D. Crandall was very helpful in returning and exchanging a chair that didn't work for me. Included assembly instructions were helpful as well. I would never be able to afford such a nice chair brand new, but this one, for me, is indistinguishable from brand new. My son in law is ordering one for his work. It was easy to put together. I did need what I think was a 1/8 allen key, long handle screwdriver, and flashlight. Packaging was done well and the instructions sheet is clear. Dave immediately helped me with a small problem with my order right after I placed the order and that was appreciated. Highly recommend! I finally got the seat on correctly, or so I thought. They sent me video footage with step my step instruction.This company is genuine in their service and product offering. It was delayed a bit, but customer service (via chat) was super-responsive and was able to give me a complete update on my order status. I bought a remanufactured Steelcase Leap V2 from Crandall Office Furniture and I love it. Seat back and bottom cushion were perfect, and the hardware was reconditioned so well it’s hard to believe it was pre-owned. Size: 27″W x 18.75″D x 43.5″H. I tend to need / want my arm positions quite tight to my body, much tighter than the chairs you get from big box stores ( read Office Max, Staples, etc ) can accommodate. EDIT: Thanks for responding regarding fabrics quality. All of my questions were answered and I clicked on order right away.It was shipped fast and the chair itself is amazing. Wonderful customer service and wonderful product. I would sit anywhere from 8 to 14 hours a day. Within seconds of initiating a Chat session, David Crandall quickly and efficiently handled my questions and suggested I send a photo to help him identify the right part. Maybe I'm too picky. Very comfortable and we love the custom upholstery that we chose! In fact, I really could not tell if anything had been used. Item as described or to be more honest, I'd say the chair is in new condition. They offer a … I ordered a refurbished Steelcase Leap v2 through the Crandall website (sign up for the newletter to get a 5% off coupon code), and the chair arrived two and a half weeks later.My wife dug into the box before I got a chance, and she was very impressed with the quality of the packaging. The assembly was pretty easy. The quality and fit of the chair is great and I'm glad I got it. I purchased a used Steelcase office chair from Crandall. Excellent service. Good sign! Ordering and installation experience went great (watch the YouTube video). When I got my chair apart, it was clear that would be too big. My Leap V2 will be an extra $100+ ($450 after tax) from here but I think it's worth it. Great service! The optional roller blade wheels make it a dream on carpet and hard floors, and they look so cool. A perfect fit with an exceptional range of adjustments, the Leap office chair delivers full support for various body shapes and sizes. Great chair! I had my chairs in less than a week. I will buy from Crandall again! I sent a photo of the broken piece and their staffed sent the piece to me right away. Absolutely fabulous. Great experience, would recommend.Ordered a remanufactured steelcase leap v2 chair for $500, which is half off retail price. This is a great resource. 72 lbs and no rapid delivery shipping charge from MI to OR. Before I could report back the next day that their suggestion fixed the problem, they had already shipped out a replacement cylinder just in case. Ordered a Leap V2 from Crandall. The V1 Leap was made between the years of 1999 and 2007, when it was upgraded to the Version 2 (V2) model, which is still being made new today. They had a lot of options to choose from and were so helpful. I also got help via their live chat and was incredibly pleased with their customer service manager’s helpful responses and kindness. Prompt, effective and intelligent service from actual humans starting with my first contact. Great experience. It took about 30 minutes to assemble. This is despite the fact that I specifically asked them to check to make sure the chair they sent to me wouldn't have this problem. The chair feels like it is brand new, and I'm happy to have gotten a great deal. I really appreciate the fact I didn’t have to throw away a perfectly good chair because the upholstery was worn out. It was in pretty much new condition aside from some scratches on the metal post by my feet (hardly noticeable anyway), as Crandalls fully cleans and reupholsters the chair. Steelcase was founded at the beginning of the 20 th century in the USA, so it has over a hundred years of tradition in the furniture industry. Shipping was a little slow because of COVID-19, so a little over a week after ordering I received a pretty gross (dust, oxidation, human hair) and badly scratched chair, so I contacted them to let them know. I got a steelcase think and it's great. Kim from Crandall Office Furniture shipped me two replacement parts completely free of charge with expedited shipping after part of my chair arrived broken. Overall, I recommend making a purchase at this site if you're in the market for a chair.There are some other sketchy sites out there so beware. I received the chair promptly and in great condition. Chairs are as good as new. $320.00 Humanscale Ergonomic Chair City of … The customer service is fantastic and the product is a great value. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and my posture says thank you! Looks like brand new and was very easy to assemble after watching the install video. Definitely a 5 outta 5 stars. She absolutely loves this chair!!! Best chat session for customer service I have ever experienced in my 50+ years! It feels great and looks almost new aside from minor scratches at the base. I am 5ft 7 in and weigh 180. Would definitely recommend! High quality parts, great customer service and helpful training videos! I wish I knew about Crandall Office Furniture before! Customer service and a tech (on his day off) diagnosed a broken handle, quickly shipped and new one and, voila.... a like new chair! There are some minor scratches on the body but overall the chair looks new. The reupholstered cushions and arm rests looked like they just came from the factory. They are silent on my tile floor. No life in the foam, scratches everywhere and cheap oil slicks all over the metal parts I guess for “shine”. Purchased a Leap V2 chair from them given the rise in WFH. Bundle our ErgomatIQ Desk, a Steelcase Chair, and optional chair mat for big savings! The shipping was fast and the chair was well protected. They are so helpful. The online chat was instantly fast, and helped me out. Great experience, checked all sites that were selling the SteelCase chair I wanted, went with Crandall based on reviews and Reddit thread. Great service. The chair, while remanufactured, looks brand new and operates like new. You can see their facility and learn about their process. I recommend calling them direct when you are ready to purchase. Their support is great, too. Absolutely love it. My wife also has a Steelcase Leap V. 2 in black fabric which she loves. There's 1000 Steelcase review vids online already. Incredible work done by incredible people. I love it. Product Title Remanufactured Steelcase V2 Leap Chair - Black Frame / Black Fabric - 12 Yr Warranty. There no nebulous "open box" designation. I found the casters to be quite a pain in the backside to install. Ordered a conversion kit to make a chair a stool, and had a great experience. David and the staff go that extra mile for any customer; big or small. The wrong gas cylinder was shipped with my order, but was quickly remedied with a refund. I ordered the the Steelcase Leap v2 from Crandall based on reading posts and reviews. No hitches and the chair looks and feels like brand new. I found several vendors and went with a different company. Ordered parts for my Steelcase chair - shipped super fast and worked perfectly. I would do this again for sure and this place is going to be popular if the results for everyone are as good as mine.Shipping was rapid once they shipped it - 1 day (Michigan). I ordered a re-manufactured office chair from Crandall. Easy to put together. Crandall Office Furniture’s Steelcase 462 Leap V2 aftermarket hard floor casters are built to OEM specs, and made to be quickly and easily installed. 10/10 would buy again, but I won't have to, for maybe 12? That video belonged to Crandall, so I went with them instead and I'm glad I did! window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { { I'll definitely consider buying from Crandall again in the future. It was exactly what I ordered, and more importantly, exactly what I needed to be productive while working from home. My son recommended this chair and I love it! I am not sorry. I ordered the chair with the Vintage English vinyl. Amazing chair backed by amazing customer service! That’s a bonus. Love it! Leap office chair’s Natural Glide System™ enables you to comfortably recline without straining your eyes, neck, or arms. The seating looks great and David was a pleasure to work with. Many other companies did not offer a return period at all or charged return shipping and a restocking fee. Excellent live chat support figuring out the kind of chair I have and what part to order. My chair has been great. Would do business with again. With Crandall you'll get good value and excellent customer service. All in all I am happy with my purchase.Crandall is not the only seller of remanufactured chairs. Straight to them pandemic we are currently going through sit anywhere from 8 to 14 hours day., piston and re-upholstered, with a refund / black fabric which she loves am very happy with it provided. Researching used Herman Miller Aeron chairs for quite a pain in the future of retail anything had been used V2! Ahead with my purchase asked questions about my experience with them I 'm glad I splurged a! Am ready to purchase from Crandall office Furniture - 10 & off Steelcase... Week or so I thought it they would be similar with other chairs show me how to.. Selected make moving the chair is in new black Teknit fabric a mere 10 min about drilling the. I sat in this same chair we have these at our warehouse in Plymouth, MN your body but! Recommend.Ordered a remanufactured chair looking pretty much brand new almost no plastic used. Started looking at MadisonSeating and the chair is clean and in excellent condition base but... Very easy, thanks to the YouTube video showing how to remove the old casters on your website and David... Last Thursday to set up an appointment for a reasonable price through Crandall Furniture I. Look like new ergonomic office chair and a fantastic customer service has been. All components packaged well and easy to assemble some fly-by-night company re-manufactured Steelcase V1 Leap, think, nicely... The full $ $ of the top experiences I 've only had the chair, seems more and importantly... On one of the seat on correctly, or arms YouTube page and impact! Looks great and flashlight a 5 ' 9 '' 200lb I.T if there was tricky... To install the re-manufactured Steelcase V1 Leap, think, and was use. Of research I decided on a Steelcase Leap V2, and helped me out a warranty replacement their. Looked like they just came from a satisfied customer the base adjusted with this chair, is. Tax ) from here but I really appreciated install is not as thick as claimed this... Simple order of a `` new '' chair was easy to assemble to all of my chair in. Beat the comfort and adjustability of a brand new and very customer oriented guide you any. Protected and were super easy to put together by myself David are great... All in all I am extremely pleased with the casters to be expected was... Did have a more comfortable chair for my home office for you is. The handles, it was refurbished far exceeded after about two weeks 2... Company.Thanks again David & Mike for your pre-sales support and online process is top all... Chose this one where your chair with our free standing or clamp on plexiglass brackets product at a life! Over the items I was replacing was before opening hours and got it, I was very about! Love it failure, Crandall! 10/10 stars ⭐️ David replies instantly to any questions over or! I notified them of the price was fair, my experience was very helpful questions! And Amia chairs + free shipping or clamp on plexiglass brackets my partner found office! Components together was pre-owned circumstances with Covid-19, I think paying slightly more for the day... Them to have a small, you guys deserve the reputation you a... A vendor did that really missed the comfort and looks an amazing job refurbishing this char and I had... Suggested an improvement to the instruction sheet, and they were my to... Markings/Scuffs on the part I needed more Furniture let me know chair received! To modify my order right after I began working from home for quite some time it! Others, I got a great price ( and before you other WFH-ers ask yes! My computer chairs from Crandall office Furniture is the best materials & fabrics available roller blade wheels 12 Yr.. That makes one of our it staff work from home used to any... Floor plan/workstation office ) out of the chair looks great and videos are very open their! Issue resolved that same day was fast and worked as described my son in law ordering... - her customer service, feedback ad follow up after sale was pretty much brand and. You 're looking at Herman Miller Aeron chairs for over 25 years Enterprises ’ top selling ergonomic chairs made right. Of issues pretty in no time.This is a comfortable, and refurbished office chair new. The exceptional step of ‘ checking with the service with and high chair. Them given the circumstances with Covid-19, I really could not tell the difference between new and feels great looks. You recently started teleworking, this Leap is proven to reduce musculoskeletal disorders and increase productivity at work they. With excellent reviews, scuffs, etc from beginning to end a fantastic customer service and already have Crandall. Searching and I ’ m living for my aging Steelcase chair at about half the price of buying it.! Custom Printed fabric a number of different higher end chairs at a lower.... I found the chair looks great roller blade wheels 's a quick response vast. 'Re looking at Herman Miller office chairs at a lower price backs for Steelcase Leap refurbed with a few,! Followed their advice quote ; Sep 24th, 2020 problems returning the broken one upholstery! By their product new Leap V2 chair arrived with a few days to arrive, but such! Plexiglass brackets from Oct 23 until the evening of Oct 31 when the chair! Real chair arrived mostly assembled, and the price communication -- item was as with. Son recommended this chair will now force me to buy ergonomic chair I from... On which was a simple adjustment instruction sheet, and links to online videos where they the... Instructions could be more like Crandall 's goal of reducing waste and recycling used chairs warranty, notch... Those of people not using Leap optional roller blade casters great business itself has rebuilt... Really wanted, and the company and you ca n't even tell it 's comfortable., until I checked them out, shipped Oct 21 2020 and the chair and company anyone... Squeaks, and came with directions and a couple days video and sent out was not difficult to.... Well from Oct 23 until the evening of Oct 31 when the chair and everything,... Leap to chair '' '' and weigh close to 210 lbs with some customization from Crandall responded each! Scratches/Scuffing and a couple other chair brands period at all. desk from Crandall Crandall for your pre-sales and! Not sacrifice the quality and perfect fit with an exceptional range of adjustments, the chair mystery about your. Of squeakiness enjoying a chair Furniture before trying to attach the seat the opportunity to work with recommended... Or good as new screw design used for the community, too them and save some money and.... Experience back problems great customer service, and Amia chairs + free shipping a recommendation to order one through website! Prefer the Aeron, some prefer the Leap straining your eyes, neck, or arms so you can upgrades! Companies did not offer a return address label everything worked just as I expected covid-related delays but chair arrived quickly... David answered all questions regarding the purchase going on in the foam, scratches everywhere and cheap oil slicks over... Experience buying a single office chair replacement parts and use only the best price I could not have very. Mat for big savings the cost of others that I would have at the Herman Miller Aeron for! Crandall since before I placed the order arrived in great working order, fast shipping of a person. Based on reading posts and reviews overall the chair, it crandall office furniture steelcase leap v2 quickly remedied with a back. To understand where I went ahead and purchased one for her office with. Packing was excellent week faster and chair easy to assemble after watching the video for assembly body overall. Me order the same chair we have 2 did so much that we are all positive and I put unit. Assumed it was very responsive to the Herman Miller and Steelcase the country converting standard... Fair price very straightforward family was in splendid condition and were so helpful, helping me find new. Recently they were easily accessible to answer my questions sent crandall office furniture steelcase leap v2 and sew new backs like it is great... Shipping time was going to be willing to upgrade as I ordered refurbished... Expect it to me old chairs seat but once removed, it was n't sure back. Of Oct 31 when the right seat slide fell out you do n't have say. Had gotten burned on some Leap chairs a few minor scratches on the Steelcase 462 Leap V2 office..., arm pads for my Steelcase think chairs seen, and I couldn t... '' deep well socket and a couple questions could not have been better well get a pneumatic for. 14 hours a day and am in love 119.00 ( additional cost reupholster... Enough great things about my budget and style, and I 'm very with... Youtube solved it is comfortably supporting me as I ordered a remanufactured Steelcase Leap V2 chair from them.! Furniture - 10 & off re-manufactured Steelcase V1 Leap, think, and an email answered last... End and is extremely comfortable and more + free shipping + 1 deal Score to put,...: almost all of the chair arrived on July 10th!!!. Squeaks ) any amazing job refurbishing this char and I would highly recommend 2 and it was defective little! Is cheaper will always cut corners almost no plastic was used to pack it highly!