Decided to try the dark brown next time with nougat to try and darken it further and leave on for longer, over all not bad and would use again. Buy BDIH certified plant hair, ayurvedic hair oils, body oils and natural cosmetics: against gray hair, skin problems, pimples, acne and for lasting care. then in a warm towel, and left it overnight. Your initial hair color determines the individual color result. The hair color lasts for 4-6 weeks on the hair. Applying Sahara all over will give a much more caramel colour, Before: Hair was grey, about 50% grey or 50% white hair ( same thing ), After: Applied "Copper Blonde" Logona Herbal Hair colour CREAMS, Copper blonde on grey hair is more of a light blonde colour . picture. These henna hair colours are Certified and Vegan without any toxic chemicals. We suggest  to keep using Umber brown and ditch the chemical hair dye . Logona Hair Colourant Applicator Brush£2.95, This double sided brush and comb makes the ideal tool for applying both the Logona Herbal Hair Colour powders, Logona Natural Colour Fix Post-Treatment£7.95. My hair has been black for years but my grey is taking over, I can’t use any DPD products as I severely had bad reaction where I was hospitalised with swelling, now I need to get back my brown hair ASAP. I top up the temples maybe once a month or so and then an all over application maybe once every 3 or 4 months. For expert in-depth knowledge and tips on hair and beauty care products. The colour from Logona Herbal Hair Colour Cream will stay in your hair for approximately 5-7 weeks depending on how frequently you shampoo your hair. It smells like gingerbread which is nice . Just in case there was some problem with this application, I repeated it again a few days later, processing overnight again. **PLEASE NOTE: The Nougat shade of Colour Cream is currently in new packaging, which is only available with French, German & Italian text on the box and instructions. Before I describe why, I want to say "Don't waste your time or money on the Logona creme color. To achieve stronger colour more applications can be applied allowing at least 12 hours between colouring. Due to the high amount of grey hair ( white hair , the result is blondish . Hair Coloring Products; Hair Color See All 4 Departments. An additional instruction leaflet in English will be sent with you order. So definitely got what I paid for anyway. color result Herbatint’s gentle formula with a low hydrogen peroxide concentration (10 volumes) allows you to lighten your natural color up by a maximum of 2 tones. Selected the logona teak color, since its the darkest shade available. Bio-Henna Essence. Our natural henna hair dye contains no ammonia, peroxide, PPD, resorcinol, heavy metals or metal salts, perfume, silicone, butyl hydroxytoluene, formaldehyde, mineral oils and no GMOs. It leaves my natural color the same, and turns the grey blonde, so it blends in beautifully. In total the application time was about 10 hours. Read more. Apply to roots only each month to avoid too much gold colour, After: Applied "Chestnut Brown" Logona Herbal hair Colour to the roots only, Before: Hair was 90% grey hair and long beard, After: Applied "Nougat Brown" Logona Herbal Hair Colour CREAM and trimmed hair, eyebrows  and beard, Before: Hair was previously tinted with chemical hair dye except for the roots and the roots are mostly white that is mostly grey, After: Applied "Indian Summer" Logona Herbal Hair Colour CREAMS, and Logona makeup . I can see myself buying this again. In general my hair is now more of an even dark blondish brown shade.