There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Corroded nuts, no excuse for that except cheap manufacturing process using non stainless nuts, washers, screws. It is perfect for a quick run to the local lake or a cross country drive to unchartered waters. It is perfect for a quick run to the local lake or a cross country drive to unchartered waters. Fishing Kayaks; Nucanoe Accessories; Nucanoe Trolling Motors. The Motor Shaft also automatically kicks up when it gets too shallow or if you come upon the local oyster reefs. Walk & fish with confidence on the 20″ wide Cast & Blast Deck. Hello, Looking for experienced owners of the 2020 Frontier 12. Contact Blake at NuCanoe. I would highly suggest contacting NuCanoe and see what they say and maybe can do for you. However, all you have to do is purchase a Transport Cart and your problems are over. Weighting some cons and pros but it looks like my new boat soon. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The NuCanoe Frontier 12 is VERY stable. These are just 2 series, there are 100, 200, 500 and 600 also. The seat can turn completely around while on the water, ifyou wish. The Frontier 12 knows no limits. NuCanoe Frontier Owners Group has 2,118 members. NuCanoe Inc. ©2017. NuCanoe Frontier 12 w55lb Thrust Trolling Motor. Go solo in style or tandem with room to spare. Re: Deciding on 2020 Nucanoe Frontier 12 [ Re: cascade ] #13635921 07/19/20 02:12 PM var addy38294 = 'support' + '@'; Its stability is attributed to its width and relatively high gunnels. Face the action and easily access your gear with 360 degree mobility. The NuCanoe Trailer is designed for easy loading, unloading, and handling. Sure, there are other kayaks out there that will get the job done but the beauty of the NuCanoe Frontier 12 hinges on getting it … The nuts are probably a 400 series stainless, that's why they rusted. Owners' Area -- NuCanoe combines the best of canoes, kayaks, and small boats to provide unmatched stability, versatility, and customization for fishing, hunting, and more. The trailer is rated for 200lbs, so feel free to load 2 NuCanoe boats for even more fun! Check Latest Price. a.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-1{ color: #ffffff;}a.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-1:hover { color: #39ba42;}a.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-2{ color: #ffffff;}a.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-2:hover { color: #39ba42;}a.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-3{ color: #ffffff;}a.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-3:hover { color: #39ba42;}. Here's a photo of the screws removed from the mounting tracks - no corrosion: Put a magnet on the nuts to see if it attracts. There are many grades of stainless steel all having different alloy materials and all used for different applications. The hull has withstood well oysters and rocks. NuCanoe Frontier 12 in the Spotlight. Personally I can't carry the Frontier solo, so if the transport cart isn't viable, I need help to carry it. The Frontier 12 from NuCanoe provides exceptional stability and a completely customizable wide, open deck, allowing you to truly fish without limits. NuCanoe Frontier Owners Group has 2,118 members The Frontier is a stable, well made and durable vessel which is easy to stand and fly fish from. Has a Kevin Dismuke Motor Mount which comes with a Control Box that has 5Forward Speeds and 3 Reverse Speeds. Re: Deciding on 2020 Nucanoe Frontier 12 [ Re: cascade ] #13635921 07/19/20 02:12 PM Also has an Actuator that lowers and raises the Motor Shaft. Learn More: The Frontier 12. document.getElementById('cloak38294').innerHTML += '' + addy38294+'<\/a>'; NuCanoe Frontier Kayak 12 ft by Richard L. , from UT, United States Written on August 25, 2015 I have been fishing from an inflatable pontoon boat and U-Boat for several years. The 300 and 400 are the most common. 2020 NuCanoe Frontier 12 Kayak - The Frontier is the ultimate hybrid kayak, designed from the hull up for serious anglers and hunters. Whether you are fly fishing in salt water, bass fishing in a river, or hunting in the marshes, the Frontier 12 will maximize your experience. Made by Trailex in Canfield, OH. I like it a lot. TOPIC: Help! 2. So far the NuCanoe Frontier 12 is not only a winner but it’s a home run. NuCanoe Frontier Owners Group has 2,118 members. Contact Us NuCanoe Frontier 12 Floor Issues A couple months ago I noticed I had some water in the hull of my NuCanoe Frontier 12. The NuCanoe Trailer is designed for easy loading, unloading, and handling. I … var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; //-->, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 1. Go to Top A through-the hull crack has occurred directly below 1 of the screws that secures the mounting track to the kayak: The administrator has disabled public write access. Nu Canoe is a brand that has earned worldwide recognition for its high-quality water crafts. Fly Fishing, Bass Fishing, Duck Hunting, and so much more. I know NuCanoe's customer service is very good, so reach out and please post updates. Archived. Alex Demidov January 3, 2019 79 views [social_warfare] Check Latest Price. I've never heard of any real problems with nucanoe other than weight. The magnetic test isn't definitive. Please try again later. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 2020 NuCanoe Frontier 12 Kayak - Ultimate Fishing Kayak at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 23K likes. It would be good to see this resolved for sure. Dang that totally sucks! The 300 series stainless steels have 8-10% nickel and are not magnetic and don't rust very much. At 80 pounds, the Frontier 12 is somewhat heavier than other similar kayaks. Check out our walk-through of the new 2020 NuCanoe Frontier 12! //