I am, as you may have guessed, a tad disgruntled! But every brand that I have tried here in the US gave me so-so results at best. For my initial test, I used about 1/6 of a slice of turkey, or about 5.3 grams (1 slice is 32g), and 1/8tsp of Borax, or about 0.48 grams (1 TBS of Borax is about 11.5g), this (about 8.3 percent borax by weight). Simply leave a few lying around and you won’t find ants there even if they are elsewhere. I’ll definitely let you know! I don’t eat low fat. Find out if you can and seal it. Please leave your comments below. A foam spray can or two gets the job done with larger holes pre filled with steel wool or mostly sealed with small cut to shape pieces of board stuck on the wall with contact cement. With all the confusion, I knew it was time for my own tests so that I could see what works for me and what doesn’t. Terro itself is only sugar water and borax, with an emulsifier to help maintain a syrupy consistency. Please do let me know. Use a plastic knife to spread the mixture over pieces of cardboard. There are all sorts of home made ant killer recipes available online. There are 2 types of ants I can see. Soak cotton balls in the mixture keep it in a small plastic lid; Place it places where ants visit. Place the soaked cotton balls in the areas affected by the ant infestation.The sugar that you have added to the mix will attract the ants to the cotton balls. Place the card in the area where you see the ants. So I mixed a 1/4 teaspoon of borax with about 3 teaspoons of cat food and 5 days later I am down to 1 or 2 ants in the house. Concrete pavement ants. By the way, thanks for your very interesting and informative ant-killer test thingy you’ve got going here. containers with 1/4″ holes in the sides and keep the lids on. tb1234 No more ants, Thanks for the info Gary. No matter how much I try to keep it clean, they seem to reappear, especially when it rains. The Confectioner’s sugar and Borax was a big dud. (there were hundreds of ants before I did this.). i am getting ready for battle again! I had an infestation around my butter dish. The imported fire ant is actually on the list of invasive pests identified by the US Department of Agriculture and the last thing you will want to do is get them in your house! My results seem to vary with the time the ants come in too. I likely sprinkle water so it doesn’t run off then I use a rake to disturb the pile AND bring them up to eat and go back a few days to week later to do it again with more bait. If a colony has to move, due to construction or some force of nature, they have to battle for their next place. I’m going to make up the sugar water mix, the peanut butter mix and go from there… I’ve had success with the sugar water mix in previous years…, Hi Austin, let us know how you go with it. It should be kept in mind that the ants won’t get attracted to the Borax. I will leave the top smooth. I set this out yesterday, in the afternoon they peaked in volume, and this morning I haven’t seen a single ant! I also had no idea if they found the bait, since I placed it before bed. Results; Fantastic, I had this new caravan and had noticed quite a few tiny black ants althrougout the van, they were appearing for quite some time. What are your thoughts? The peppermint not only smells nice, but it works as a deterrent. The ants are attracted to the sugar in the mixture, and when they eat it, the Borax kills them. It came in 1 ounce syringes and you squirt it out onto areas where they are seen. Carol. Yesterday I notice a few ants on my stairs when I was arriving home and checked in the same spot as last year and they are BAAAACCCKK! One product that I’ve used, which is nasty, poisonous and sooo much fun, is Raid Max Bug Barrier. Borax is a great all around household product used for cleaning. I lived in Perth for 15 years and remember those ants. Terro liquid ant bait is about 5.4% sodium borate (boric acid) along with liquid sucrose. That’s the kind of data I’m looking for. Again, sorry for the confusion. While the white granulated table sugar seems to work reasonably well, my early observations indicate that the brown sugar looks to be much better at attracting the ants. Neither chemical is toxic to humans nor pets when used as recommended, and neither chemical has been shown to contribute to cancer or other long-term illnesses. Thanks a lot for sharing. This is the info I got from a scientific site. Within hours they usually do not return. My poison of choice was Iams wet cat food. One time, one will work great, another time something else seems to. Carol. I am curious if the mixtures are harmful to animals if I place outside? Eating the mince pies to obtain the cups is a bonus. I always use this whenever I have an ant problem, and within days they’re completely eradicated! (1) Get a can of Libby Vienna Sausages. To date, while I have had some moderate success with various mixtures, this has been by far the most impressive. Do the ants reappear after the apple cider vinegar cleaning? They “can be effective at killing foragers in the home but […] foragers are killed before they can bring the bait back to the colony”, according to this page: http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7411.html . I placed them near the location of the earlier ant trail (before cleaning with apple cider vinegar) and gave them a good test that lasted 2 days. Until. This is how the process you described works, biologically. You could try but most of the mixtures are a bit thick, so they might not spray too well. Hi! They are all the small ones and we have never seen any large carpenter ants or any other variety in here. I never measure it, i just put in about a 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and the same amount of borax. It is not surprising that it placed second, since it is closest in the texture of Terro and also had a lighter amount of Borax in it. Simply powder the trail and they will walk through it, they know nothing different. The Terro was one I used to great effect the first year and I was happy happy happy. Borax is useful for all sorts of things in the home, not just for attracting and killing ants. you might not see any results for a week but then you will see less and less ants around.. when I first moved into this house, the place was full of ants and the yard was nothing but one big ant hill. The ants don’t see borax as a food source, so, won’t even come near it. For a more permanent solution, let’s try some of the following ideas using Borax for ants. Very interesting to hear that the film does not matter to the ants! This could be the solution for long lasting outdoor baits. We clean it up and it sat empty for over 6 months. Well, I plan to make my own, ‘refillable bait stations’ out of plastic takeaway tubs, and my own aqueous solution of 1% borax. hand held spray can, that I can spray right on the ant hills to kill them. I’d wished he would have used regular peanut butter instead of low fat. I would like to find out if anyone has a spray solution I can use in a 3 gal. Will it still work or does the borax lose potency over time? I left things as they were and returned the next morning, only to find not one trace of an ant, except the few dead ones that were in the lid. I live in Salt Lake City. Any spots where wood reaches soil is a no no. The results of my ant killer test may surprise you. Is key. Spring. Because both compounds share a use as relatively safe chemical insecticides, their names are often used interchangeably in layman’s terms. i used plastic containers with lids to keep animals out(we have cats) i made holes on sides for them to get in and a popsickle stick ramp. I just wanted to add that not all ants are attracted to the same thing. Borax Ant Killer Recipe. I use it indoors and outdoors. I put the two baits (white and brown) side by side, and the ants ignored the white mix and but consumed the brown mix. They are all over it now. Carol. My understanding is that these traps are not harmful to dogs. And seeing Daniel’s post above convinced me even more. It describes how both borax and boric acid can be used as an insecticide and that bprax is safe for humans and pets: There are 2 types I think. Now that I have the ants under some reasonable sort of control inside, I decided to make this mixture that I got from an Australian YouTube video. I would also treat it carefully and out of the reach of very young children. Hi Bill. Just put a little pile of the paste on any ant trail. find 4 small similarly sized stones. All oil, shortening or olive oil to moisten the mix to a paste. You DON’T want that one! Well worth a try. Soon after I put out the cotton balls, they came! I did a 100:1 mixture of peanut butter:borax, and 50:50:1 of white sugar:brown sugar:borax. If you want to try out Borax and see for yourself how effective it is at eliminating pests, all you will need to do is mix the following ingredients: One and a half tablespoon of Borax. eat them) and leave the greasy syrup. Excess is NOT success. Hi Jennifer. She goes crazy spraying and kills them out. The queens rarely venture out, relying on the workers to bring them food. That would be a good test to add to this article the next time I see ants here! My Wife got a 4oz squeeze bottle from the dollar store at the health and beauty department and one full bottle should last all summer. Do you know if the borax would negatively affect chickens, dogs cats or goats? I’m not sure if they are hiding out because it’s over 100 degrees outside right now or if this was really that effective… can’t wait to see if they come back in the next day or so. It gets very confusing at times. Although Borax was used in each remedy, it was used a bit differently in each test and with widely varying results. Haven’t figured out what concoction works yet for that. If neither work, then I would try the Terro. (7) Put the can where the ants pass by. To keep pests, specifically fleas, at bay, he sprinkled Borax directly into then yard (grass, gravel, dirt, bark dust, etc.). Carol. Hi Andre. We never see them on the counters anymore or anywhere else in the house. To bait the ants, completely soak some cotton balls in the bait solution and place them on small 2″x2″ squares of aluminium foil or in a shallow container lid. My neighbour on the other side had it far worse with ants, poor man and I spent quality time looking for options beyond poisons, exterminators or winning the lottery to resolve our mutually unwanted guests. The ant queen will then ingest the sweet (but poisonous boric acid) mixture and she will die, as will the rest of the colony. Make this Borax ant killer recipe by thoroughly combining any flavor of fruit jam with two tablespoons of Borax. Place the ant bait outside of home next to suspected ant entryways and ant hills. Thank you for the ideas. Carol. Because it had been a full two days, I replaced the liquid baits since they had a “skin” over them and I wanted the test to be fair. Stir until both the borax and the sugar have been thoroughly dissolved and produces a thick consistency. I can’t find a direct trail into the house, so they must be coming through a hole in the slab. , Hi Elisha. Maybe they could sense the borax easier? I just hope it’s going to get rid of the little buggers (I lost all sympathy when I found them in my bedroom). It’s similar to Terro in that it uses borax in a sweet liquid mixture to attract ants. We live in Texas, where we have a LOT of bugs! Since the ants won’t touch the Terro I don’t know what to suggest. The cleanliness of your home is important, particularly the kitchen counters and floors. In the time it was vacant after we cleaned it, no sign of ants anywhere. The ants this year are more aggressive. Hi Carol, Mine did not die but it does sound as though it is too strong for your test. I’m just fond of having locals and businesses that you know and people who are invested in the sort of things our past neighbours would do. Well, to begin with, Borax is a natural mineral, meaning it is available in our environment and it isn’t manmade as most people tend to think. Next job on the list. Works great. I put a little of the cocktail in the bottle and then lay it on top of the nest with the bottom end slightly lowered. Hi John. I have to thank you all, reading most of the comments I’ve settled on this mix and it has proven both successful and very economical. Why are the ants in your home? I also get those big black flies in armies in the windows for unknown reasons every once in a while. After, you have prepared the ant killer mixture, you are expected to bait the ants using the mixture. Because of the difference in cost, my choice for the future will be the Sugar water and Borax. Carol. This homemade ant bait can be prepared quickly and help you get rid of ants around your home or garden for up to a year. ???. First results showed the ants completely ignoring the bait. No matter what I did to adulterate it, the ants went for it. I have a similar problem here in NC when it rains. The slow rate of kill gives the worker ants a chance to consume the bait and then head back to the nest to share it with the rest of the colony and then the queen. Both combo’s seemed to be equally effective at attracting the little critters, at least initially. It turned out, in all of my tests, that the weaker concentrations of Borax worked better than strong ones. It freaked me out but they were dead. Call the exterminator is right! Carol. Lou you’re a genius! Over the course of just a several days, the majority of the ants will be gone (although as stated above, not completely in my experience.). NOAA Hurricane Forecast Maps Are Often Misinterpreted — Here's How to Read Them. take that extra pickle jar or some quart size jar that has a metal lid. Over a period of several days, the poisoned food eventually is spread to every member of a colony. I want them to take it back to their queen. I turned over a vase with some flower food in it and did it bring on the ants. Tried both of these with borax and alternately with boric acid without success. Some say to water the ingredients down, some say not to do this. I sometimes have had a re infestation, presumably either a new nest or some that escaped the first round and started rebuilding their colony. I never thought of using peanut butter. It worked in varying degrees for each method. It should last us for quite a while. Isopropyl alcohol is my weapon of choice for immediate termination of ants and also fruit flies (sprayed of course with a super-fine shower, not a straight line spray). No interest by the yard ants in either. Use the spray outside where you see the trails to keep ants from coming into the house in the first place. Thanks so much. 1 measure borax + 19 measures of sugar should be close enough. This is also the easiest ant killer remedy to make. Has anyone tried peppermint? For me, it was the tiny black sugar ants. I spray it along all the window ledges, on the flashing as internally, I am screaming with joy at my mass murder. They can easily climb up and down the outer slope to reach the treat in the depression, and out again. Use. Borax Ant Trap: Borax For Ants Outside the House Put a roofing nail through the center of a bottle cap; this will act as the ground anchor of your outdoor ant bait. You don’t need a lot and it s easy to clean up if company is coming. put this liquid into the jar, boil or not boil, up to you. I tried this method and had tons of little ant than a couple day with no ants now I have huge ants? Borax is toxic to bugs, plants and fungus. Carol, Sorry, my mistake! I make 2/3 corn syrpe to 1/3rd borax and water to make a liquid . It stays moist and ants can ingest it. Then I have tried a toxic ant killer and my dog almost get poisoned with that toxic ant killer, so not using anymore!! Best of luck to you all. I run a small home preschool and moved into this place 3 years ago to discover an ant problem. Next on my list of remedies was a concoction of a half teaspoon of Borax mixed into the peanut butter and made into a paste. I mixed pork fat and borax at one by one ratio. A couple hours, I looked and there was probably between 50-100. Here is the BEST ant bait with NO mess. Carol. Half a cup of sugar. I didn’t measure exactly when making the mixture but made sure there was lots of the sweet stuff. Your ant baits were not working very effectively because you were using WAY too much borax. It cuts up their exoskeleton. The same solution can be used to attract and kill carpenter ants with the inclusion of a fat such as coconut oil added to the mixture. Boil for three minutes and allow the mixture to cool. Terro was the one most mentioned as effective so I tried it. Ants Carol. Put it where you KNOW the ants will be. So would adding something like coconut oil be effective in keeping the mixture soft so the ants can continue to eat it for many months? I did not measure out the jelly, but I would guess that I used approximately half cup with approximately half cup borax. I scrubbed all the counters, the sink, appliances – even my spice jars. If one does not work, try the other. The ants can detect if you use too much Borax in the mixture but are attracted to the sweetness of the bait. last summer they were bad. Please do not do this for outdoor locations as the mixture could attract bees and kill off their colonies. I put a couple Terro traps in his window. The ants just came to eat and go home. That is good to know, Geoff. This allows the ants to partake of the borax on the cotton ball and still be able to leave the container and go back to the nest instead of drowning. I used between 5-10 percent (by weight) Borax to 90-95 percent meat. The film on the top doesn’t matter. The alcohol evaporates quickly and doesn’t stain or mar floors or cabinets. Fingers Crossed and thank you all for your comments. Avoid honey mixtures outside for sure. Cut the bottom portion of a used plastic water bottle and use it as a bowl for your mixture. Acv is important bc acv + borax = boric acid, a much more effective form. I am sure that it would beat even your terro bait. 2 tablespoons Borax; Fruit jam; tb1234. For the solid ant bait, mix the borax or boric acid in with powdered sugar (again I used 3/4 C sugar and 1/4 C of borax or boric acid). Is. I used the peanut butter, borax and a little watermelon kool aid. I am beginning to see ants again this year and still have some of the solution from last year. My guess is that it would lose some potency, but it can’t hurt to try. Regardless, they’d end up dying. citizens inside it, it can take up to several weeks to kill them all, if the colony is large. Borax can be mixed with sugar to form a sweet poisonous mixture effective in exterminating ants. You will need to be patient. These baits were much more effective. Their nests, I’m fairly certain, are either under concrete walkway and or large patio (or possibly in a wall void space in the house (hoping not) so pouring soapy water and or bleach onto them isn’t a viable option. Before I got into the ant killer tests, I wanted to at least minimize the amount of ants running around. 6. It was buried somewhere in the middle of that post. The trick was to scrub them with Ajax, or a similar product. A slightly sweetened peanut butter is probably nearly universal. Ultimately, the Terro failed the following year, for whatever reason. I used a small glob of plain grape jelly on a piece of masking tape set within their trail. Before you do that, save yourself some time and trouble, and the chemicals, by reading my experiences with these homemade Borax Ant Killers. The ants will be back. That’s so great to hear someone has finally found a use for grits! Step 3 Add a small amount of peanut butter to each jar and mix it into the syrup. Thanks everyone for your ideas and comments; I’m going to try as many methods as possible since the ants coming into my home seem to have varied food fetishes! I discovered that spraying them with a lavender spray kills them instantly. (about 3/4 the way down the page.) I have put a tomato cage over the ant hill and will surround it with thick plastic like I do with my tomato plants in hopes of keeping the neighborhood cats and dogs away from it. Borax is not only great as a weed killer for creeping Charlie. They share it with other ants, and when they feed the queen and she dies, the community will fail. It’s driving me insane to keep coming home to these relentless invaders every night. It also works well if you have a trail coming in from an unknown location onto your property. The Gardening Cook is a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program. Mix equal parts of granular sugar and borax. The less common chemical names of the substances make it clear that these are two entirely different chemical compounds; borax is sodium borate, while boric acid is hydrogen borate. Even though it is a bit less effective, it costs so much less and that makes it worth it to me. Fill the cup with boiling water and mix well. This is literal death warmed over. There’s a guy on Youtube that made ant poison with pancake syrup and boric acid that really attracted them. That’s 8%! I will be wiping my counters down with vinegar each night. I am at a loss for what else to do. I put a twig as a ramp in these holes to make it easier for them to get in and out. The formula was made by combining 1/2 cup of honey, 1/4 cup of Borax and 2 tbsp of boiling water – another strong mixture. What a wealth of information your comment has! Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Carol. Simply kill or make the ants is their tracks. I have had good results with both these food sources and they can be purchased in very small can sizes quite cheaply. 2. My recipe is as follows: 1 part (1 tsp) Borax (20 mule team Borax) Carol. This is not something that an ant can get rid of like a human does. This method was in use long before other chemical ant poisons were invented and placed into aerosol cans. i tried borax with different sweeteners jam,syrup ect. Knowing that, I mixed some grape jelly with Borax into a ketchup bottle and placed another piece of tape on the counter with a “tainted” glob of jelly. To ring your house with these plants and mix them in among the food plants is another way to fight them. Homemade Ant Killer With Boric Acid. I do think that that might be too much Borax, but it worked for you, right? Directions on trap said to allow 10-14 days to kill out colony. A natural ant killer Borax is a combination of sodium salts and boric acid. Peanut butter and borax doesn’t attract them very much either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoCtrhK7WlE Carol. Wondering if anyone has tried using borax and corn syrup? I did find single loners crawling around here and there in different areas of the kitchen. After a week of poor results with commercial ant baits and various sweet/borax concoctions, I tested protein instead. To be clear, the winning formula was 1 Tablespoon berry jam + 1/16 teaspoon boric acid powder mixed thoroughly together. About a year later, they complained about ants in the kitchen area. (3) It takes several days to a week for this to “work” completely because what happens is that the worker ants, bless their little hearts, take some back to feed to the queen, who can produce several thousands of ants/eggs a day. The MAGIC ingredient is FAT. A friend with a wonderful gardening blog, called Tending My Garden, swears by the honey and borax recipe. Or at most only a couple of ants who tried the front door. Carol. Using more organic ant killer remedies is something that many environmentally conscious homemakers have an interest in.

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